Monday, October 21, 2013

Here are your right ways of using 3d glasses

Here Are Your Right Ways of Using 3D Glasses

With the introduction of a new technology like 3D, expect that there will be some sectors that will question its effects to the health of the viewers. Are there risks associated with the use of the technology? This early we cannot tell, and of course it's really bad under the experience of 3D for long periods of time. Just to be sure and to get the best experience, we list some of the major things that you can do in order to maximize the use of this technology. And these suggestions center on the proper usage of the 3D glasses considered as one of the more important accessory to any 3D enabled television or personal computer.

The following are suggestions on how to properly use these glasses and it all centers on controlling the exposure:

  • When using the 3D glasses remember that you need to do that for a certain period of time only. Prolonged use of the glasses can be difficult to anyone. Perhaps you are watching the current vampire flick and you can't seem to stop at just one installment and you want to watch the trilogy. You need to stop at least for awhile in order to let your eyes take a break. What you can do is to stand up, take a walk around or you can interact with your friends for a few minutes. This is a good way to give your brain and eyes some form of a break. Remember that with 3D, it's a different experience in perception so make sure that you are still in command of the 'real world' and you don't allow 3D to govern your senses and perceptions.

  • We know it's good to spend quality time with the kids while watching movies. But remember that it's a different thing with 3D. You also need to make sure that the kids will not spend long hours in front of the new slim TV. The risks may not be there yet, but you need to be aware of the fact that the kids are in delicate formative years, and 3D might affect the way they develop their senses and perceptions. You have to keep in mind that viewing images in 3D is very unnatural and this ring true for the kids. For this reason, it is important that the technology should be enjoyed and used in the household with moderation.

  • It is also recommended to stay away from the active shutter-based displays. If you follow this suggestion then you not only save on money, but rather you stay away from the usual issues in the system.

Keep in mind that the technology is still on its initial stage, and there will be lots of developments in the area that will make the whole 3D experience worthwhile. Better 3D glasses will be introduced in the next few years and a more refined 3D viewing experience can be expected. So while the technology is still having some rough spots, it may be good if you can work things out and use caution when enjoying the 3D experience.


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